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Written and Performed by Randy Rutherford:

Singing at the Edge of the World: As a budding folk musician in '70s Alaska Randy had it all – an adoring girlfriend, a shiny new convertible, and a great gig playing guitar and singing at Anchorage’s Fancy Moose Saloon. Things change. “Shocking, sad, touching, and surprisingly funny. A must see.” Top Pick - Monday Magazine. “Brilliant, sheer magic.” ***** Best of Fest - Uptown Magazine. (Full reviews)

My Brother Sang Like Roy Orbison: Rutherford recounts his early manhood in the 1960s, cruising town in a red Corvette convertible with his beloved older stepbrother. Divisive political events transform the nation and their relationship. "Unforgettable. Any empty seats at this show are a tragedy." ***** London Free Press. "Gorgeous, truly compelling, effortless ... incredibly complete characters ... His ability to hold the crowd in the palm of his hand should be required viewing for any actor" ***** Winnipeg Free Press. "He gives you not only Orbison''s crystal-clear tenor but also ... voice cool and low and as fatherly as a fatherless boy could wish." Orlando Sentinel. "The 1960s must be the most revisited decade in pop culture, yet Rutherford makes it startlingly fresh. ... relaxed and intimate... peels back layers ... a writer's eye for telling detail." ***** (4.5 stars) Victoria Times-Colonist "A bravura performance... detail is dazzling ... a heartfelt triumph" ***** (4.5 stars) Edmonton Journal. "Irresistible... Rutherford recalls the sensation that brings memory alive and, beyond that, makes it visceral." Globe & Mail (Toronto)

In Weaverville Waltz Rutherford chronicles his childhood growing up in a Northern California gold mining town. Randy, a pipsqueak Romeo from the wrong side of the tracks, dreams of romancing the Homecoming Queen while at home he longs to rescue his mother from his jealous, hard-drinking stepfather.   "Harrowing and hilarious." Oakland Tribune.   "Incredible, marvelous storytelling." Edmonton Sun. "Tender, strong, heartfelt� Weaverville Waltz will sweep you off your cynical feet."****1/2 Edmonton Journal.   "... a fully-textured world and complex characters who will stay with you long after the show is over." Georgia Straight.   "Mesmerizing." ***** See Magazine.   (Full reviews)

The Guitar Teacher (aka One Frigid Shiny Knight) Randy recounts an Arctic Romance. "I idolized my guitar teacher. I absolutely worshipped the guy. I swear I never would have made a move on his girlfriend if he hadn't suggested it."
"Complex emotions... brimming with humor... this one's a gem." Critics' Choice "Best of Fringe" Georgia Straight "Deft acting and belly laughs make 'Knight' shine" **** Vancouver Sun. "Not to be missed" ***** (4.5 stars) Winnipeg Free Press. "a gem... exceptionally fine, a uniquely gifted stage artist." ***** London Free Press

Dance Pants (aka This May Feel A Little Funny), a hilarious romp through California’s colorful alternative life styles, as Randy recalls his exotic encounter with a mysterious Hummingbird woman, a sparkling bit of light. She not only broadens his middle-aged sexual horizons, but convinces him to restore his youthful vigor by submitting to a high colonic cleanse. “A masterful blend of humor, poignancy, and music.” ***** – London Free Press “Engaging, sweetly stirring and genuinely funny” - San Francisco Bay Guardian “Achingly honest.” **** – “Best of Fringe” - See Magazine. “An accomplished storyteller, leaves you wanting more.” - San Francisco Bay Times (More reviews)

Aim for the Heart :
Randy's in love. He thinks his new masseuse girlfriend will heal him. He doesn't realize he's not the only one who needs to be healed.
"profoundly passionate ... what it means to love unconditionally. Rutherford inspires audiences with his honest portrayal of damage, PTSD, and the painful road one navigates in search for healing. Rutherford is charming, funny and a master storyteller." - Vue Weekly
*****" - Todd James, Global TV


Singing at the Edge of the World

My Brother Sang like Roy Orbison

Weaverville Waltz

One Frigid Shiny Knight

This May Feel a Little Funny

Aim for the Heart


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